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The Bill and Kali Show’s Mission is to Support the Community

Since the inception of The Bill and Kali Show, our singular goal has been to highlight people and organizations that that “do good things” in the communities in which we live.

Yes we do also provide a platform for artists and musicians as well as theatres who wish to promote their productions. In our eyes, these artists can also be included in the group of “good people doing good things for our community”. We realize art is an integral element to a healthy community and feel that is just as important to promote.

Realizing that the organizations we invite to be on our show rely on public support, we have partnered with every organization and individual we have had on our show. We not only give them an outlet to promote their organizations, but we support that organization by “being there” for them at their events, when and where we can, or by contributing in a variety of ways.

As an example, every year we support the Kiwanis Veterans Appreciation Dinner in Valpo by promoting their event as well as providing a means for those veterans less fortunate to attend.

On Veteran’s Day, we produce a podcast every year from “Applebee’s Free Meal for Veterans” in Valpo that is a compilation of raw stories from the veterans in attendance. This an uncut and uncensored show with nothing but stories from these veterans.

We have also had Porter County Sheriff David Reynolds as a guest many times for updates us on the programs he is spearheading to combat substance abuse in Porter County as well as his groundbreaking school safety measures he had designed and implemented.

Gary Germann, Porter County Prosecutor was guest several times, explaining the changes he is making in the prosecutor’s office to assure the safety of Porter County residents.

Our body of work speaks for itself. Soon we will be changing the way we produce the show, providing entertainment to elevate the exposure for our guests. Please stay tuned!

We try our best to be an advocate for our communities in which we all live. At the end of the day, we are happy if we have achieved that goal through thoughtful and supportive actions.

Please join us by liking our Facebook page The Bill and Kali Show. We are also on Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

These are just a few of the amazing people we have had on our show.

Sean Cornett Griffith First Christian Church Christmas Outreach Dinner

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A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

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