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The Bill and Kali Show “The Rest of Their Stories”

Over the past seven months our show has undergone a transformation that we find difficult to explain. You see we originally intended on making The Bill and Kali Show a general talk show that covers everything from social events, politics, news items and maybe a celebrity or two. Well OK forget that! We knew through trial and error where our show should and should not go. And believe us we will not go to certain places again! Take that one out with yesterdays trash.

Slowly but surely we began to invite organizations on our show that simply did good things for people in need. Those shows came together nicely with very little effort on anyone’s part and drew the most interest from our viewers/listeners. The next thing you know, organization B would email us because they saw or heard that we had organization A on the show and wanted to know if they be our guest as well. So we said come on down…lights camera action….organization B would be streaming their message on The Bill and Kali Show. It was not long after that organization C would get wind of all this going on and would email to ask “yea well what about us?” We would respond by asking “well what about you?” Lights, camera action all in that order and organization C is streaming their message like no one’s business over The Bill and Kali Show.

So next thing you know some guy comes running up to us asking why we have not had organization D on our show as he is shaking his phone with contact information for D in my face like a salt shaker. So we had organization D on and they were telling it like no one else can. Next thing you know that same guy became one of our sponsors and one of our biggest supporters.

So that is how this all came to be The Bill and Kali Show. We love helping tell the story of organizations that work hard to do good things for the community at large. We love their stories and in some cases have rolled up our sleeves and became a part of the story.

Below you will find the shows in which amazing people come on our show representing spectacular organizations that do wondrous things for people, or in some cases furry or feathery creatures, in need.

Theses are their stories…….

The Bill and Kali Show from Portage Recovery Association (PRA)
The Bill and Kali Show from Down Syndrome Association of Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland
The Bill and Kali Show from Food Bank of Northwest Indiana
The Bill and Kali Show from Humane Indiana
The Bill and Kali Show from Silver Lining Foundation
The Bill and Kali Show from Planting Possibilities
The Bill and Kali Show from Griffith First Christian Church Christmas Dinner
The Bill and Kali Show from Applebee’s Veteran’s Dinner
The Bill and Kali Show from Girls on the Run of Northwest Indiana
The Bill & Kali Show at Mental Health America of Lake County
The Bill and Kali Show at Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Indiana

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A show that highlights organizations and individuals doing wonderful things for those in need or their community.

2 thoughts on “The Bill and Kali Show “The Rest of Their Stories” Leave a comment

  1. Good job Bill & Kali! It is more fun to have positive stories of people doing good for others.

    Ok, let me ask (LOL!)….if you wanted a “theme” for October, you could have a veterans organization each week leading up to Veterans Day Nov. 11th. (FYI, the Kiwanis/Roatary “Veterans Appreciation Dinner” will be on Wed. Nov. 6th.

    If you have had them on your show, please disregard. “Folds of Honor” (Bob Carnagey) raising money for scholarship for a parent lost serving his/her country. USA CARES, helping veterans families who are having a difficult time; the Veterans Court; Porter County Veterans Organization with Jim Atkinson or Joe Baruffi which helps veterans working through the maze of veterans benefit. Anyway, you get the picture. ☺

    Keep doing what you are both doing. You are both wonderful for Northwest Indiana. ☺

    Take care,

    Liked by 1 person

    • We’ve contacted Bob already. My email corespondents is as timely as the cross country mail delivery in the early 1800s. A lot going on with programming. Great idea. We will definitely do that.


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