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Episode 91 The Bill and Kali Show from Portage Recovery Association with Guests Jake Monhaut and Nicole Parker.

Episode 91  The Bill and Kali Show from Portage Recovery Association with Guests Jake Monhaut and Nicole Parker.

Jake and Nicole visit with us about the history of Portage Recovery Association as well as the current day amazing facity for regular meetings, social activities and events for those in recovery.

They also describe the close bond between members within their community that fosters a heathy invironment for those leading a sober life. “We have eachother’s backs” is definately the montra.

We also discuss the upcoming events which includes the “Recovery Ride” on July 13, which is poker run, and the celebration of “Recovery Month” on September 14th.

We were touch by the love and care that is exibited by the leadership of this community, which is truly an extended family of all the members.

Please note the list of events at the end of the video as well as a special video tour of PRA.

More information about Portage Recovery Association can be found at the following sources;

Facebook page: Portage Recovery Association 
Twitter: @Portagerecovery 
Instagram: @portagerecovery 

Located at;
Portage Recovery Association 
5965 McCasland Ave
Portage, Indiana 46368
Phone: (219) 364-6138

Extract from the Facebook page;

The purpose of the PORTAGE RECOVERY ASSOCIATION, INC. is to provide a safe, positive environment for individuals and their families in recovery based on the principles of 12 step recovery programs. Through activities such as meetings, fellowship, educational activities and social events, the PORTAGE RECOVERY ASSOCIATION, INC. strives to enhance the lives of people in recovery and the communities in which they live.




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